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Our Natural Food is a benefit for your pet!

Just like human food, animal food requires respect for certain basic principles. We satisfy these principles.
With our Natural Food, you feed your faithful companion as if you were cooking all day for him. Moreover, with our Natural Food, you are sure to give them enough vitamins and minerals.

Cooking your pet's healthy and nutritious meal yourself is very costly and time consuming. Our Natural Food products help you. They contain everything you need for your pet to live healthy, happy and active!

Save yourself the time of shopping and preparation - we deliver directly to your home!

Our Natural Food is tailor made to offer a rich and balanced diet so your pets get everything their body needs. Too many dogs and cats are showing disorders of the digestive system due to improper diet.

Adopting a healthy diet enables a natural detoxification process, which means that the body responds to richness in nutrients.
The optimal diet for your pet contains proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. To avoid symptoms of deficiency in minerals, food must be varied.

It is easy to recognize that your dog is properly fed:

• A shiny coat and a very limited form of dandruff.
• If your dog gets the amount of food suited to their needs, he will keep his weight constant.
• Your dog should drop 1-3 times per day an average quantity of feces formed, neither too soft nor too hard.
• If your dog is bright and tonic, you can assume correctly he likes his food and feels good.

For more information about Natural Food and our special menus for dogs and cats please contact us.